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Title: Under the Bleachers Chapter Three (Ch.1 x) (Ch.2 x)

Summary: Harry is the star of the baseball team, everyone loves him. He doesn’t really know if that’s what he wants to be though. One night at a baseball game he has a run-in with some badboy named Louis under the bleachers, and he finds something he never expected to find in a punk like him.

Warnings: Smut, Language, Angst

It had started with dancing, they were just grooving the night away to the banging beats that flowed from the speakers. Harry was drunk from whatever he’d swigged at the bar with Zayn of course, but the heat tempering under his skin had him somewhere that everything was absolutely delightful at this point. Especially the way Louis had just rocked his hips against Harry’s, and then their mouths had suddenly been connected and fuck.

That lip ring that Harry had been fantasizing about all night was his for the tearing at. He caught it between his teeth, sliding his tongue into the punk’s mouth greedily, and wrapping his hands around Louis’s ass to make them rub tighter.

Despite the ecstasy Harry was engaged in, Louis seemed to be feeling something completely opposite. “Mmph?” He mumbled into the kiss. He placed his palms on Harry’s chest and pushed back. Harry looked at him confusedly, then his heart plunged with the rejection.

"You’re drunk. We can’t." "Please don’t- don’t do this." "Don’t do what?" Harry didn’t quite know what he was asking. He just wanted Louis so badly.

"Don’t make this hard on me." "Humorous selection of words there. Wait, make what hard on you? This is your doing." "You kissed me." "You asked me to dance with you!" "You’re the one that started this under the bleachers! This is all your fucking fault so don’t get mad at me for wanting you like this!"

The nearest people to them had stopped dancing and were making space for the two boys they thought were about to fight; unaware of their argument subject.

Louis sighed angrily, “I shouldn’t have invited you.” “Yeah, I shouldn’t have come really.” “Shut the fuck up.” “Make me.”

Cursing under his breath, Louis rushed forward and crashed his lips onto Harry’s again, clutching his face with two hands. The observers hadn’t expected this turnout, a couple stared in surprise, some cheered them on, Zayn’s laugh echoed from the bar. After a few moments they broke apart and Harry bent his forehead against the punk’s; “Get me alone. Now.” “Way ahead of you, baseball boy.”

They broke through the venue guests and Harry tried to remain coherent. Whatever he’d swallowed at the bar was turning acidic. He wasn’t sure if it was unpleasant or not, it sure was making his night interesting. Either way he wanted to be ravishing Louis’s body immediately.

Louis ran his fingers under Harry’s waistline as they rushed down a back hallway, putting pressure on doors to find one that would open. Harry whined, surprising himself. That noise had come out on it’s own. Louis had made him do that. Louis seemed to have this dawn on him too, turning to look at Harry for a second and cocking a smirk, “I like that.” “Happy to oblige.”

Finally a door came open that was empty and god fucking bless there was a couch inside. They stumbled into the room, closing the door behind them and slipping back into the feverous kissing. Louis set Harry underneath him on the couch and their bodies fought for who was to be dominant in the situation, Harry fisting Louis’s shirt up as Louis stuck his hand between Harry’s thighs. They settled on sharing it. Louis needed the fit bronze-haired boy’s strength. Harry wanted the sensual mystery that was this eyelinered wonder.

Harry dragged his teeth down Louis’s neck skin, nipping around the edges of a black bird tattoo and inhaling the scent of him. “Fucking hell do that more.” Louis pleaded, resting his head on Harry’s neck. They leaned up against eachother and rutted up towards the arm of the couch. “Say my name,” Harry whispered, voice hitching just slightly. Louis barely managed a chuckle as he grinded his cock against the adjacent bulge. “I don’t know your name still.” “It’s Harry,” Harry moved his lips down to Louis’s collarbone. ”Say it, cry it out, I wanna hear you.” “Keep doing- ah shitFUCK. Oh god, keep biting me like that and I- iiiIII’ll say your name all you want, god.”

It started with a murmur; “Harry… Harry…” he pressed his lips to Harry’s ear and tangled his fingers through the other boy’s hair. “Harry…” he murmured.

Harry closed his eyes, moaning as he slid his hand down the back of Louis’s skinny jeans to feel the shape of his ass. The tightness of the fabric burned his knuckles on the way down, but the way Louis rolled his hips encouraged him further. “Do it please, Harry, please.” “Fuck your voice is going to drive me over the edge.” “Harry…”

Slowly, he inserted a finger into the writhing punk above him. “Shit OH,” Louis hissed, arching upwards and throwing his neck back. Harry could hardly believe he was doing this. He’d only known this boy since the night before, they’d only just properly traded names, yet he’d tasted his skin and was fingering him now. Was it the alcohol or something more? He wasn’t even too sure of what he was doing, he just wanted to feel Louis. He wanted Louis. He wanted to delve into his world and learn all of his secrets, this was a sweeter escape than any he had experienced. No girlfriend had ever undone him like this. This was something new and oh so better.

"I want to fuck you so bad right now," Louis husked, jamming his hand down Harry’s pants suddenly. Harry whimpered lowly as he felt the careful touch lingering around his cock, wrapping around it, the beginnings of a stroke coming along. "Oh god," Harry started, bucking his hips needily. He spread his legs to give Louis easier access but he was growing weak the more he moved, it wasn’t the good weak either. He felt sick.

"Louis," Harry slurred. "Louis I don’t-" He coughed and rolled over, causing Louis to  lose his balance and fall back onto the couch while Harry fell off entirely. "Harry? Harry!" Louis frowned worriedly and got off to join the other boy on the ground, bending to his knees. "Harry what’s the matter?"

There was no way he could respond, words failed him. Colors briefly went vibrant and then they were sucked from his vision entirely. He heard Louis, he knew Louis was nearby. But it was overshadowed by a ringing. Harry didn’t even have the capacity to be scared; he was consumed by the fleeting of feeling down every branch of his body. For one moment he opened his mouth in a gasp and then all was black for him.


"Harry? Fucking- no, god what’s- I- Harry!" Louis flustered over the boy he’d just been making out with, who was now fainted. His face which had been so full of life only minutes ago was ashen. "Don’t be dead please," he grew frantic, pulling Harry’s wrist up and thumbing over it for a pulse. There was one. It was wildly fast. His own pulse was still slowing after being cutoff from that erotic experience so quickly.

"I’m going to kill Perrie." He mumbled angrily, picking Harry up from under his shoulders. He took Harry back to the couch and laid him down as easily as he could. "Actually I’m going to kill Zayn for flirting with Perrie and distracting her from the douchebags that put things in the drinks."

Harry was going to be fine, he was just on a really bad drug trip. Louis regretted having kissed the baseball player in the first place. They really shouldn’t have gone that far. Louis was bisexual but Harry was straight and it wasn’t right to take advantage of him. Was it taking advantage? Louis put his face into his hands wearily.

Harry had seemed to enjoy what they were doing but he was also drunk and laced. If he didn’t like Louis though, he wouldn’t have showed up.

Louis had been crushing on the jock since he had come to the first game and sat under the bleachers, watching Harry play. The effort he put into his plays was quite a spectacle. This whole night had been a dream come true, his lips, touching his cock, the fact that he’d kissed back and oh he was such a good kisser.

Lighting up a cigarette, Louis stood and walked to the door, knowing he had to get Zayn’s help on taking Harry home. He inhaled some of the smoke but it didn’t ease his regret and the pain of knowing Harry wouldn’t talk to him again after what they’d done in this room.

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